The Types of Diabetes Complications

Diabetes ComplicationsDiabetes is one of health problems that are caused by high level of sugar in the body. People who have diabetes in their body will not realize it. It is because it needs a long time to diabetes exists in your body. If you like to consume sweet food and beverages in a day, then diabetes cannot be detected in the following days. You will realize you contract diabetes in some years later. It is because of bad life style that you do, if you let it go through, and then it can give you some diabetes complications. Of course, diabetes complications can cause so many diseases and health problems that can damage nerve system in your body.

It can make difficulty in delivering messages to brain or other parts of body. In other words, you will feel nothing in several parts of your body that is damaged by diabetes complications. It usually affects leg and foot. When you get hurt or wound on your leg and foot, sometimes you will not feel anything. As the result, the wound can be infection and more serious. Even though you can still walk, but some cases force you to amputate your leg or foot in order that the wound do not spread to other parts of body.

Besides diabetic neuropathy, then the effect of diabetes complications is diabetic retinopathy.

As its name, it relates to your retina – eyes. It affects your blood vessel to the retina. If the blood vessel becomes weak, it can produce a liquid that can cause swollen around your eyes. As the worse, it can bother your vision. If you let it go through and become more serious, then it can cause blind. Besides diabetic retinopathy, you must be careful with diabetic nephropathy. It is one of the diabetes complications that affect blood vessels in kidney. As you know, kidney is a place for filtering unused things to be feces. If your kidney does not work well, then those unused things will stay in your body.

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Other diabetes complications include heart disease and stroke

That are very dangerous for your life. In order that you are not affected some diabetes complications, then it is better for you to go to doctors just for doing general check-up. It has a function to check all of your body and anticipate you to have some diseases.

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