Information about Food Pyramid You Should Know

food pyramidMy Pyramid or also known as the food pyramid is the healthy eating guideline suggested by the United States Department of Agriculture which aims to guide people to get better nutrition and health. The pyramid actually contains the section that represents vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, and any types of meats, eggs, nuts, and protein. The healthy eating guide in the food pyramid is represented in a visual in order to make it all easier to be remembered. Therefore, people can easily understand how the pyramid tries to imply. So, how is exactly the pyramid created? Check out the following information.

USDA created the food pyramid

In order to give people the recommended dietary guidelines. People are expected to get the essential nutrients for good health by consuming the recommended foods, and recommender number of servings from each group of the food. Based on the food pyramid, the most recommended group of food is grain. This is why it is represented on the bottom of the pyramid (the larger part). On the other hand, salts and fats appear on the top of the pyramid because they are only recommended to be used sparingly. So, is it important to use the pyramid to improve our health?

It is known that our body needs particular amounts of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and many for in order to function properly. If you find it kind of hard to get the nutrients, it is recommended for you to check out food pyramid because it is designed to make getting the proper nutrients easier. When it comes to balanced diet, it seems that the pyramid represents the balance.

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Foods that is really important for your health appears at the large end of the pyramid while the not-so-important groups of foods appear at the small end of the pyramid. In short, food pyramid can help you feed your body what it needs for healthy functioning.

In order to make you easier to follow the guidelines represented in the food pyramid, The pyramid is specially designed by presenting the recommended foods in an easy to follow format. Therefore, you can simply mix and match the groups of foods in different meal times. Basically, the most recommended group of foods represented in the pyramid is grains. Therefore, you can have different types of grains in different meal times. In conclusion, by following the recommendation from the food pyramid, you can have the proper nutrients to stay healthy.

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