Food Pyramid for Adults as Guidelines for Balanced Diet

Food pyramid for adultsUSDA recommends the guidelines in the form of food pyramid for adults in order to give people recommendation about good food habits and a healthy life. There are groups of foods recommended in the food pyramid. Let’s start from the least recommended to the most recommended foods. Certain oils are actually the good sources of healthy unsaturated fats. For example, you can simply choose oils from olives, soy, sunflower seeds, corn, peanut, and canola. There are also certain animal-based oils which you can consume in your meal. For example, salmon can take care of oil requirement of the body.

What are other recommendations from food pyramid for adults?

Based on food pyramid for adults, it is also recommended for you to take a multivitamin supplement. However, there are certain groups of foods are highly recommended. For example, it is really recommended for people to always consume fruits and vegetables. It is because fruits and vegetables are the major sources of the proper nutrients for the body to function properly.

When it comes to fruits, it is better for you to eat raw fruits. Based on food pyramid for adults, it is also recommended to consume red meat moderately. However, instead of consuming a large amount of red meat, it is far better to consume chicken or fish without using butter, olive oil can be better instead.

Based on the food pyramid for adults

People need more protein which can be found in dairy. However, it is widely known that consuming a large amount of dairy products can boost the level of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, instead of consuming whole milk and other dairy products which are rich in fats, it is highly recommended for you to consume low milk, low fat cheese, and yogurt.

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It is really important for you to follow the food combining setting. This means that you can have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. For example, based on the food pyramid for adults, it is okay to combine fish, eggs, white meat, and dried nuts. The combination is actually good for your heart.

Based on the food pyramid for adults, the most recommended group of foods is grain. Grains, especially whole grains, are mostly recommended because they can help control insulin and sugar levels as well as controlling overeating. Therefore, grains appear at the bottom or at the largest part of the food pyramid for adults.

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